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                    National Physical Fitness Test
                    Creatime: 2013/4/20

                    April 18, Wujin District Sports Council in District Government of the People warmth activities, with the Changzhou Sports Medical Research Division of the National Physical Fitness Test team came to my company, conducted for our employees, including morphology, function, quality, physical and other aspects of the comprehensive test.

                    8:00 am, the test site has lined up a dozen machines, to name a hundred workers are in batches under the guidance of the staff at the front of the machine for testing. The fitness test and medical examination of the general sense is different, its purpose is to help people understand their own physical condition, and provide a scientific method for the detection of those who continue to exercise.
                      Through this physical big test, making the company more clearly understand all aspects of employee health. By the latter part of the exercise, so that employees can have good health, abundant energy into work.

                    This activity, making the majority of the staff fully aware of the government and corporate leaders District area for everyone's care and love. Some comrades said excitedly: 'Leadership is really put us as their own brothers and sisters care for love, I would surely do, stay here for a long time, the return of the leadership, the company in return.'

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