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                    About us
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                    Changzhou Juling Foundry Co.,LTD, established in 1981, is a private enterprise which integrates casting and machining and owns the independent export right. Since the end of last century, we have made great efforts on strengthening equipment reform, adjusting products structure and extending the industry chain. And our company has been one of the key enterprises of the first group in the casting industry in China. Now our company covers an area of 65,000 square meters, and has more than 400 employees, including over 50 technicians.

                    We manufacture grey cast iron of HT150~HT350, ductile cast iron of QT400~QT700 and QT900~QT1400, in which QT400-18L¡¢ADI low-temperature and wear-resisting ductile cast iron has reached the advanced level at home and abroad. We mainly provide components used in wind power, track traffic, air-compressor, elevator, valves, textile machinery, agricultural machinery and load machinery etc. Our products have been exported to United States, Australia, Europe, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

                    Juling Foundry owns advanced facilities and precise management, with the philosophy of ¡°Creat Value for Customers¡±and the spirit of ¡°Harmonious, Innovative, Struggling, Developing¡±. We have obtained the certifications such as ISO9000, TS16949, DNV, Lloyd¡¯s etc. Furthermore,  Juling has been a reliable or unique supplier for the world-famous companies, e.g. YANMAR, GEA, PICANOL and LK.

                    With the help of the related institutes, we have established a high-performance casting foundry processing engineering technology research center. We have achieved a major breakthrough in the ductile material control and computer simulation of solidification technology. At present, we have obtained 10 national invention and utility model patents. Our products have been awarded the high-quality casting gold medal at the annual meeting of foundry in China for two consecutive years. In May of 2014, Juling Foundry was awarded as ¡°the Pacesetter Enterprises of Foundry Industry in China ¡± by the Foundry Association of China. In October of 2014, ¡°Juling Brand¡± mini tiller assembly won the gold medal in the 2014 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition. At the same time, the company song ¡° Our Juling¡± won the first prize in the First Session of Original Created Songs and Dance Competition of Enterprises in Jiangsu Province. Since 2011, we have obtained one national invention patent and more than 30 utility model patents.

                    In order to satisfy the requirements of our customers and the market, we invested 250 million to build a highly automatized casting and machining manufacturing base, which has the advantages of low labor intensity, clean and environmental protection, and low power consumption. The annual output shall be one hundred thousand metric tons with sales of over 1.2 billion.

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